Rednecks! That was almost someone dieing right there. If he had a spinal injury and they would have ripped him like they were trying we would have a death instead. Listen people if anyone wrecks in any motorsport do not just rip them out of the vehicle,(unless there is no other choice like a fire) doing so could get… » 6/30/14 6:56pm 6/30/14 6:56pm

WTF does it matter if he is transgender or not?! If a women is allowed to wear make-up then a man is also regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Fuck lets get to the point here, it isn't about who you love or identify as. It is the fact that you are different and close minded fools can't handle that. South… » 6/17/14 3:05pm 6/17/14 3:05pm